Taylor ís Mexican Chili Co.
116 S. West St. Carlinville , IL 62626  
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Taylor's Mexican Chili
is packaged in 21.5 ounce cans and shipped
 in 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24 can cases.

The Taylor's Tradition

During the  1904 St. Louis World's Fair, C.O. Taylor worked at the Mexican National Exposition where he learned to prepare and enjoy many traditional Mexican dishes. Back home in Carlinville, Illinois after the the fair he came to the aid of a Mexican stranger. To repay his kindness, the man taught Mr. Taylor how to make carne y frijoles just as his mother had taught him in old Mexico. That great recipe became the basis for the Taylor's Mexican Chili with Beans we know today.

Delighted with this new dish, Mr. Taylor opened a small chili parlor in the fall of 1904 on W. Main Street. After several expansions of the chili parlor, a canning operation began in the 1930's. Through four generations the Taylor family has overseen every aspect of the operation to insure that the quality begun by C.O. Taylor in 1904 remains.
In 1904 Charles O. Taylor made this promise; "Only the finest ingredients will be used in any product with my name on it". We have kept his promise and use only 100% USDA Choice Sirloin Beef in our Gourmet Chili with Beans. After buying the finest spices available, we simmer them with the Sirloin in small batches and then pack this special sauce in a container separate from our premium red beans. This packaging method keeps the rich old fashioned flavor of the sauce and beans fresh and distinct. When served with unsalted crackers, you can really enjoy the original "Chili with Beans" that Mr. Taylor created in 1904.
Now you can enjoy this authentic " Taste of Old Mexico in your own home. Serve it the "original" chili parlor style or be creative and use Taylor's Chili with Beans as a basis for your own recipes.

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The First 100 Years A narrative snapshot of 100 Years of Taylor's Chili History by Ann Reichmann  
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